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Hi as good, I will try to make one brief explanation for the educational process that will start in few days. I will expect the students or you as well, or I will know, the let’s say the Turkish students and of course our Cyprus students in the course, are e h m 152. These are our course signatures, and I will show you how to enter in Moodle. I’m not sure that the students will have faculty numbers until this date 28th of March and I will hope that they will, if they are not able to lock in Moodle, I will give you an zoom link to enter the lectures you will send the link to them or if you are able to please prepare for me an email list for all of them, I will appreciate it very much. So, this is the course graphic as you can see, it is very intensive. And we have Polina me the Tuesdays the Tuesdays free because we have other classes, then they continue with the one course with Margarita we have to finish the courses because I have two more times with them in few days. Yannis and gratitude Associate Professor Carter jr server. So, the actually for a month they will have all of the classes we have Easter as you know, from the 13th of April until second of May, but we have another national holiday. So, fifth of May is the last day of their first term, they will have also seminars that they have only to stay and listen. But you will have another schedule when we do it when we are ready with it. But it they will be we may in June. So and they will be for one hour maybe it about 6pm just to discuss with the speech and language therapists and our PhD students, some cases some innovations in Speech and Language Pathology and etc. So, this is the link for Moodle, when you enter I have entered because I want to show you the students view this is my curse, R e h m 152. We have everyday virtual classes, classrooms. And we have I have uploaded in a zoom link if we they are not able to participate. The students who are already registered will be able to log in and our students from Turkey will be able also to join the same group. So we have lectures, we have videos I will just Hello friends and ta they have lots of pictures, lots of information we have for each date, a separate team. And I also have one giant digital video library that will make available for the students. We don’t learn lectures, they will have small essay to write is a forum for their practical exam. So there is nothing so let’s say they should not be worried it is not difficult. They just tried to muster Listen, participating they are able and just be in the class if it is possible. I know that the whole month every afternoon is absolutely impossible even for me but as much as they can as much as they are available available. Now I will stop the recording because you wanted to try just few minutes but they’re not sure whether you want it in Bulgarian on English so I will do it in English and if you want it in Bulgarian just say it I will record record myself again just to stop the video

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